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Global and U.S. Trends in Agricultural R&D in a Global Food Security Setting
Julian M. Alston; University of California, Davis; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems: Responding to Global Food Security and Climate Change ChallengesOECD, Paris June 15-17, 2011
Australia’s Approach to Rural Research, Development and Extension
Australian Government, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Agricultural R&D in Africa: Investment, Human Capacity, and Policy Constraints
Gert-Jan Stads; Program Coordinator, ASTI; Paris, 15 June 2011; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems: Responding to Global Food Security and Climate Change Challenges
Innovative Institutional Approaches for Agricultural Knowledge System Management in India
Responses of the French AKS to new challenges
Pascal Bergeret; Ministry of agriculture, food, fisheries, rural affairs and land planning; France; OECD Conference on AKS Paris: 15-17th June 2011
José Abellán Gómez ; DGA. Citizen Information, Documentation and Publications. General Technical Secretariat. MARM . Espagne Jaume Sió Torres. Directeur adjoint de l'innovation rurale. Generalitat Catalunya
IPRs and the role public and levy funded research: some lessons from international experience
Richard Gray; University of Saskatchewan; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems (AKS) Responding to Global Food Security and Climate Change Challenges 15-17 June 2011, OECD Conference Centre, Paris
OECD Conference Agricultural Knowledge Systems Session 3.B. Public/Private Roles
Phil O’Reilly, BusinessNZ 16 June 2010
The U.S. Approach for Fostering New Biological Technologies and Assuring Their Safety
Michael Schechtman; Biotechnology Coordinator; U.S. Department of Agriculture
Participatory Plant Breeding: A successful example of local technology innovation and adoption by combining knowledge of traditional farmers and modern scientists
Masa Iwanaga; Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), Tsukuba, Japan
Institutional reforms of AKS in New Zealand and International Networks in AKS
Karla Falloon; Counsellor (Science and Technology) New Zealand Mission to the European Union; 15 June 2011
Institutional Frameworks Experience with CGIAR reform
Lloyd Le Page; CEO CGIAR Consortium OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems
Public-private cooperation – some reflections
Dr. Laurens Klerkx; Communication and Innovation Studies - OECD AKS conference 15-17 June 2011
“Breeding Business” Plant Breeder’s Rights and Patent Rights in the Plant Breeding Business
Hans Dons; Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences, Wageningen UR Director BioSeeds B.V.; Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands
Public-private partnerships: the role of the private sector
Dominic Muyldermans; Senior Legal Consultant; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems 16 June 2011
Farmers’ experience with biotech crops in South Africa
Jaco Minnaar; June 2011
Recap of Some Issues Raised in the Meeting and the Policy Agenda for OECD Countries
David Blandford; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge Systems (AKS): Responding to Global Food Security and Climate Change Challenges Paris, 15-17 June 2011
Kasdi Subagyono; Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD); OECD Conference on AKS, Paris, 17 June 2011
AKIS – Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in Transition First findings from the EU SCAR collaborative working group
Krijn J. Poppe; Chief Scientific Officer Dutch Ministry of EL&I Research manager and senior economist LEI Wageningen UR; Presentation OECD June 2011
EU system for Health and consumer protection
Niall Gerlitz; DG SANCO E1; OECD Conference on Agricultural Knowledge systems: Responding to Global Food Security and Climate Change Challenges Paris 15,17 June 2011
Partnerships in agricultural innovation systems: who puts them together? and what comes next?
Andy Hall; LINK Learning INnovation Knowledge - Policy-relevant Resources for Rural Innovation
China’ Agricultural Innovation System: Issues and Reform
Ruifa Hu; Jikun Huang; School of Mangment and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology; Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Agricultural Innovation and Challenges for Promotion of Knowledge and Inforamtion Flows in Agrifood Systems in Brazil
Mauricio António Lopes, PhD.; Executive Director - Research and Development; Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa Brasilia, DF, Brazil; OECD Conference, Paris 15-17 June 2011
Latin America – Public Agricultural Advisory Services: A Quest for Relevance
Matthew A. McMahon
Responses to New Agricultural Challenges
Leticia Deschamps, June 2011
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