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Third Bioeconomy Course 

is held on May 21 – 25, 2018 at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

6th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers


15 - 16 March 2018, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany


++ Fuels, Proteins, Chemicals and Polymers as well as CO2 for Aviation ++ Meet the leading international experts at one of the leading events on Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) in the world! ++ Preliminary programme online ++ More than 200 leading international experts in CO2 utilization and 20 exhibitors are expected to attend the conference ++ 

Big visions – and also real potential! The usage of carbon dioxide, among experts referred to as Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU), is gaining momentum. First commercial production of CO2-based polymers has been launched, several additional technologies have progressed so far to allow production on an industrial scale in the near future – with advanced biotechnology and chemical catalysis. At the same time are renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro becoming cheaper each year and the latest plants at favourable locations are already at the same price level as fossil energy sources and even below. A perfect situation for combining cheap and abundant renewables with carbon utilization to store energy, to produce renewable fuels and chemicals. Renewable energy and CCU will reshape the energy system of the future and the chemical industry, too.

Leading players will showcase enhanced and new applications using CO2 as feedstock. The main topics are:
Political Framework, Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen production, Artificial Photosynthesis and CO2-based Fuels, Proteins, Chemicals and Polymers as well as CO2 for Aviation. The first 15 speakers already confirmed their participation.

Call for papers

You are welcome to present your latest products, technologies or developments - please send us the title and an abstract of your proposed presentation as soon as possible to Mr. Achim Raschka.

BIOEAST – Central-Eastern European Initiative for Knowledge-based Agriculture in the Bioeconomy

Our objective is to improve the sustainable growth of knowledge-based agriculture, aquaculture and forestry in the bioeconomy in the CEE regions. The actions we propose to reach this objective are:

  • Initiate cooperation: establish a multi-stakeholder network to facilitate joint actions;
  • Provide an evidence base: establish data-driven support for implementation of policies;
  • Focus on research: map specific challenges for a Strategic Research Agenda;
  • Improve skills: train a new generation of dedicated multi-stakeholder actors; 
  • Develop synergies: promote regional, national, EU and international funding opportunities;
  • Increase visibility: draw attention to specific challenges of the CEE regions.

DANUBIOVALNET - Cross-Clustering Partnership for Boosting Eco-Innovation by Develpoing a Joint Bio-Based Value-Added Network for the Danube Region

Project - Priority: Innovative and socially responsible Danube region with specific objective to improve framework conditions for innovation

The European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy

The SQUARE, Brussels, Belgium  October 9-11, 2017

Invitation to present at EFIB 2017 Innovation Track

The advisory board and themes for the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy conference are taking shape with leading experts representing the various tiers within the bio-based industry confirming their support. Join them and more who will shape one of the best-to-date programmes to drive critical business, policy making and innovation discussions.

EFIB 2017 Advisory Board includes representatives from:

EuropaBio | Bio-based Industries Consortium | Corbion | Global Business | University of Antwerp | ecover/method | bioserie | Bio-Based Industries | University College Dublin | Unilever | Abolis Biotechnologies | Capricorn Venture Partners | Roquette | BASF SE | IAR Cluster | IKEA | Avantium | TEREOS and more to be confirmed

EFIB 2017 Themes

- Understanding the EU Bioeconomy Strategy and how it can help drive bio-based leadership
- Overcoming barriers to commercialisation – how to get to market, quicker
- Stronger, longer value chains and how to build them
- Creating new end user markets for bio-based products and processes 
- Funding and investment opportunities 

EFIB 2017 will not only deliver a high-level agenda of decision makers from global biotechnology leaders, SMEs and consumer goods companies, but will also provide an increasingly productive networking environment, with all delegates receiving unlimited access to our exclusive 1-to-1 partnering tool.

Register online here


(Forthcomming) chapter of Eva Cudlínová, Miloslav Lapka, Jan Vávra "Bio-economy as a New Perspective for Solving Climate Change?" in the book of Laura Westra, Janice Gray and Franz-Theo Gottwald (eds.) "The Role of Integrity in the Governance of the Commons" ISBN 978-3-319-54392-5 (in press).


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Bioeconomy course

Second Bioeconomy Course

is held on May 22-27, 2017 at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice


Information from the Second Bioeconomy Course (May 2017)

Presentations, Programme, Photos, Video 

Information from the last course - May 2016

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Bioeconomy course at the University of South Bohemia

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