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The CAP towards 2020 Elements relevant to the AKIS
Marc Duponcel; DG Agriculture and Rural Development; European Commission
Translation of Research Into Use Update from Current UK Projects and House of Lords EU Innovation Inquiry
Dr David Cooper, AKIS October 2011
Introduction to the CHIL platform
AKIS summit, Tallinn 13/15-10-201; 1Dr. Fernando Rubio; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Understanding Learning and Innovation Networks to Support Transition Towards Sustainable Agriculture
Heidrun Moschitz, Robert Home Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL Dirk Roep, Frans Hermans, Laurens Klerx, WU Talis Tisenkopfs, Baltic Studies Centre SCAR CWG meeting, Tallinn, 13-14 October 2011
Some remarks about AKIS Germany/Baden- Württemberg
Prof. Dr. Volker Hoffmann in collaboration with the Ministry for Rural development and Consumer protection Baden-Württemberg Presentation at the Meeting of the SCAR collaborative Working Group; Tallin, Estonia, 13 and 14 October 2011
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