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+ Strategic Agenda

Abengoa Bioenergy : TheGlobal EthanolCompany
Ricardo Arjona; Brusels January 2008
Loek Boonekamp; Head of the Agrifood Trade and Markets Division; Directorate for Trade and Agriculture; Brussels, 31 January 2008; EBTP Stakeholder Plenary Meeting
The European Biofuels Technology Platform: Strategic Research Agenda & Strategy Deployment
Luis Cabra; Corporate Director, Technology & Engineering, Repsol YPF; Chairman, Steering Committee, Biofuels TP; Brussels 31 January 2008 Stakeholder Plenary Conference
Biofuels and Sustainable Chemistry Just Meeting in Biorefineries or More Synergies?
Dirk Carrez; EuropeBio; SusChem
Biofuels sustainability in the European policy
Ariane de Dominicis; DG Environment; European Commission; European Biofuel Technology Platform; 31 January 2008
SRA and SDD – A View from the EU Member States
Dr. Andreas Dorda; Chairman of the Mirror Group of the Biofuels Technology Platform; Brussles Metting; 31 January 2008
An energy policy for Europe. 20/20/20
Lena Ek; Member of the European Parliament
The European strategy for Implementation of Biofuels for Transport in Europe (including SET-Plan)
A. González Finat; Principal Advisor DG TREN; 31 January 2008
The European Biofuels Technology Platform: The Way Forward
Veronique Hervouet; First Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of the Biofules TP; 31 January 2008
Biorefineries – new generation Info Day on the Biorefinery Joint Call
Commissioner Janez POTOČNIK; Brussels – Albert Borschette Conference Centre 16 September 2008
The Biofuels TP SRA/SDD – How can the EIB contribute to their implementation?
Harald JAHN; Head of INCO/SAS Division European Investment Bank; Brussels, 31st January 2008
Sustainability of Biofuels R&D-Needs to Exploit the Given Improvement Potential
Martin Kaltschmitt, Marc Londo
Biomass Production and Supply Bio diesel pathways & biorefineries
Markku Karlsson; UPM-Kymmene Corp.; Stakeholder Plenary Meeting; Brussels January 31, 2008
European Biofuels Technology Platform Working Group 3 “Product Distribution and Use”
Dr. Stefan Keppeler; Stakeholder Plenary Meeting; Brussels, 31.01.2008
The European Biofuels Technology Platform: The consultation process and its impact on SRA/SDD
Ann Segerborg-Fick; Swedish Energy Agency Birger Kerckow, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.; Secretariat Biofuels TP; Brussles 31 January 2008; Stakeholder Plenary Conference
How to make Biofuels Sustainable?
Imke Lübbeke; EU Bioenergy Policy Officer; WWF European Policy Office; January 31, 2008
Biomass Feedstocks – Can Agriculture and Forestry Meet Future Market Demand?
Calliope Panoutsou
2nd Generation Biofuels R&D Do we need a Different Research Infrastructure?
Alexandre Rojey; Szakeholder Meeting Brussels; 31 January 2008
Biofuels and the Contribution of Plant Biotechnology
Ulrich Schurr; Steering Committee ETP Plants for the Future and European Plant Science Organisation; Brussels 31st January 2007
Bioffuels in the Global Energy Market - the IEA Perspective
Professor Ralph E H Sims; Renewable Energy Unit International Energy Agency; © OECD/IEA, 2007
Biofuels and future engine requirements The View of a Car Manufacturer
Dr. Wolfgang Steiger; 31.01.2008 European Biofuels Technology Platform, Brussels
European agricultural policy and the promotion of biofuel technologies
Hilkka Summa; European Commission; DG Agriculture and Rural Development
Biofuels and Motor Fuel Quality – Enemies or Allies?
Ebba Tamm; The Swedish Petroleum Institute; European Biofuels Technology Platform Stakeholder Plenary Meeting; 31st January 2008
Conversion Processes (I) Bio diesel pathways & biorefineries
Harri Turpeinen; Neste Oil Corporation; Stakeholder Plenary Meeting; Brussels January 31, 2008
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