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Case studies

The Case Studies

Case study in Bioeconomy - support material

Students of the current course will be requested to conduct case studies on relatively simple topics in order to become more familiar with the practical context of bioeconomy.

Students will be asked to create a short power point presentation expressing their own ideas on bioeconomy in practice e.g. in their own country or somewhere else where they suppose could be  found the good conditions for bioeconomy application. They could also present their opinion on the main risks and obstacles in terms of bioeconomy in practice.

Students will work in teams of 3 or 5 people.

  • Create a short power point presentation expressed  own ideas on bioeconomy use in practice in your own country or in general.
  • What are the good conditions for bioeconomy application. And what types  of  bioeconomy could be most perspective
  • The presentation could also  be focused on the main risks and obstacles in terms of bioeconomy in practice in your country or in general.


On Friday at the end of course student teams will  present their cases - up to 20 minutes for a team.

During the preparation of case studies, students will have an access to the internet for the data collection and  also have a continuous assistance  from the course lecturers.

The case presentation will be also one of the main condition for obtaining a certification of the bioeconomy course participation.


The methods of case studies became an indispensable tool in analyzing a complex situations and developing scenarios of applicability of  innovative practice under various conditions and changing parameters. Case studies became mandatory, not only because of their utility as feasibility tools, comparative elements and risk analyzers but also as convincing instruments of the policy makers and of potential investors. The practice of case studies is highly recommended in applications incorporating innovative technologies and/or multidisciplinarity.

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