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Bioeconomy Initiative - University of South Bohemia


The University of South Bohemia and the Bioeconomy in the region

The University of South Bohemia (USB), founded in 1991. It is located in the town of České Budějovice about 150 km south of Prague. 

USB is a research university focusing mainly on natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. A significant aspect of the scientific research activities is in close cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

A new challenge in the USB is the establishment of the Bioeconomy platform. Bioeconomy is by definition a multidisciplinary action. Adapted in this frame, USB is aiming to involve in this platform different faculties and disciplines (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture) coordinating an action mainly focused on the regional dynamics of South Bohemia.

Vision / Mission

The benefits from the Bioeconomy are expected to improve citizen’s health, boost the productivity of agriculture and industrial processes, and enhance environmental sustainability. However its potential requires concrete policy actions by governments, efficient regulations, a dedicated strategy by individual companies, effective communication by the stakeholders, and the necessary investments for its economic development. Clever consult works directly with the different actors to create practical solutions to move to a competitive and sustainable Bioeconomy

Objectives / Strategy

The perspectives of this action are:

  • Development of innovative research through competitive research programs
  • Education through specific courses
  • Technology enhancement and business orientation with the involvement of SME’s
  • Enlargement of the networking locally and internationally
  • Consulting to public authorities and the private sector
  • Efficient communication with the public and the stakeholders


While the expected impact should be in:

  • Excellence of science and innovation
  • Business development
  • Societal benefits

According to the regional, national and European priorities

The tools for such achievement will be:

  • Exploring the possibilities of national and European funding through competitive research proposals
  • Exploring the possibilities of funding for structural and regional development
  • Enhancing the possibilities of PPP (Public-Private Participation)
  • Straightening the role of the regional SME’s
  • Establishing an efficient networking policy


Governance and Policy

We make a complete and comprehensive analysis of the current political framework in the area of the Bioeconomy, including a detailed ELSEC analysis, in order to make the most effective decisions at policy or business level.

Strategy and Development

We support authorities and companies in developing the right and most efficient strategy in the area of life sciences and the Bioeconomy. In close collaboration with the partner we can also develop a detailed implementation action plan.

Regulatory Issues

We identify regulatory developments, possible regulatory or political obstacles, existing incentives and areas for lobbying activities. We can also set up a specific and detailed lobby outreach program.

Innovation and Research

In collaboration with our partners, we can help to capture and save innovative ideas, by finding the right people, companies or investors.

Education and Training

The aim is to facilitate the development of the correct communication strategy for specific biotechnology related issues, or to develop internal or external education projects. In the next sector “Bioeconomy Course” there is a detailed description of the post graduate course on Bioeconomy as well the instruction for an online application.


Besides the Bioeconomy course, and in collaboration with partners there can be organized dedicated training programs to be developed a specific e-communication strategy. Additionally it can be surveyed and analyzed the opinion of the public and the stakeholders on specific key issues and on a case by case basis.



doc.Ing. Cudlínová Eva, CSc.

former member of Bioeconomy Panel of the European Union

+420 38903 2506

Dr. George Sakellaris 

+420 24106 3633


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